Grow your skills and abilities and clarity of purpose for sustaining your dietary and lifestyle lead goals.

A lifecourse approach is essential, as non-communicable diseases develop gradually over the course of a life and now pose a greater health burden worldwide than infectious diseases, according to the United Nations.

In the United States, 75 percent of health care dollars are spent treating these diseases and their associated disabilities. Namibia experiences a similar burden.

The 4x4Diet transfers skills on how to sustain a healthy nutritional approach to fat burning and hormonal balance based on a full understanding of the biochemical process that in the first place prevents and also reverses metabolic risk factors….

The deciding factor is the full understanding of each of the 4×4 Life Diet course participants of the biochemical process that causes their risk factor in the first place and more importantly, how to prevail with lifestyle change in such a manner that participants do not revert back to their old habits and behaviours. This makes out the strength and the success of the 4x4Diet Life Course Programme.

In addition to that, no other programme than the 4×4 Life Diet promotes lifestyle change at a scale that it is needed. In order to stop this epidemic surge we need to reach all Namibians very urgently. We therefore developed a didactically sound eLearning programme to provide ongoing online support to our participants in the form of interactive online modules and discussion forums which are accessible to everyone any-time, anywhere whether they are in the country or not…

The 4x4Life Diet offers several blended learning options- For individuals: Seminars and 1-on-1 consultations. For HR interventions: Organisational Waist-Management Training. For health professionals: CPD Seminars and Courses. For parents and teenagers: Blended Learning and School Seminars.

We are therefore thoroughly convinced, both through personal experience and backed by extensive research and scientific evidence, that 4×4 Life Diet is the Life Course that will most dramatically benefit Namibians in more ways than one.

You need to secure your place on the weekly Training Seminars in Windhoek and Swakopmund plus the the online eLearning Course

The 4x4Life Diet is a knowledge based lifestyle with the added value of remarkable fat-loss and sustainable health benefits. We put you in the driving seat to enable you to steer your fat-loss program safely through new terrain. is from Namibia, therefore it works! We have the right tools to safely navigate you along roads that sometimes get a little rough, but thanks to our eLearning motivational support, you will never feel alone on you journey.

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