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What is the 4x4Diet all about?

Lifestyle Change Managment

Lifestyle Change Managment

The 4x4Diet was officially launched in July 2012 with the intent to boost Namibia to become the healthiest nation on Earth. We gather information and we share our findings so that you , the reader, can make an informed decision about your lifestyle health.

For those who need more information, 4x4diet.com is also an online health and lifestyle improvement programme designed and launched in Namibia to inspire everyone to take control of  our lives and improve health and wellness through informed decision making.

The remarkable success of this nutrition and lifestyle change programme is ascribed to the 4 Pillars of Lifestyle Change with each pillar focusing on 4 Lead Goals. Book your personalised counselling sessions at 081-7040 499

The resultant Lifestyle Change Plan provides a revolutionary and sustainable orientation and support programme to navigate the complex and rough terrain of  lifestyle adjustments.  Destination Guaranteed.

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