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The 4x4Diet Wellness approach is the easiest nutritional road-map on this planet. We promote food fit for the 21st Century. We have taken the best of all current dietary and lifestyle science and converted the complex to simple solutions for a 21st Century lifestyle : Eliminate and subtract the obvious and add the meaningful. 

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By now most of us are aware that a below-optimal diet quality is among the leading factors associated with metabolic diseases, death and disability in Namibia and globally. Most strategies that address sub-optimal diets currently focus on nutrition education through outdated dietary guidelines. This approach tends to place the responsibility for healthier diets on an individual’s ability to make informed choices only, rather than also addressing the complex, powerful  psychological, nutritional culture, environmental and change management determinants of dietary habits. Not surprisingly, this strategy has fallen short, as demonstrated by the increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related illness.

That means that most foods you’re eating every day could be slowly corrupting your health and shortening your lifespan. But how do you know? For many people, toxic foods are hard to spot, especially for those who’ve already cleaned up their diets and feel like they are eating healthy. Therefore,


All sugar, all sweetened drinks (e.g. COKE, OROS and CERES) , all processed carbohydrates and starch, alcohol,  gluten and gluten-free breads, cereals and crackers. (you will just replace a lot of refined carbs with a lot of gluten free refined carbs), processed health bars (most have 15 grams (or more) of sugar.)


30% “clean” protein, i.e. Game (Kudu, Oryx, Springbok etc ) , hormone-free, grass-fed, happy, beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, wild ocean fish. oshona fish , shellfish and fresh water lake and river fish.
70%  all the rest : lots of good oils and healthy fats , from coconut oil, farm butter, seeds, cream, nuts, regular daily physical activity, water, lots of fibre, fresh whole foods, unprocessed home-cooked meals, leafy green vegetables, mushrooms, Omajovas, roots,  beans and lentils, fresh whole and organic fruit,  seaweeds, and gluten-free grains like Chia Seeds,  flax-seed and mahango.

It is really that simple!

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