4x4Diet Intro

4x4Diet Founders:

4x4Diet Founders:

The 4x4Diet was officially launched in July 2012 with the intent to boost Namibia to become the healthiest nation on Earth. We need everyone to KNOW what is happening and understand how excessive sugar and processed carbohydrate intake is toxic to the human body. All humans are hard-wired to crave sweetness for survival. Namibians too. As a result, profit-driven industry managed to get most people addicted to sugar in just over 40 years. So much so that this addiction is now slowly killing us and life as we knew it. What needs to change? The 4x4Diet is designed to assist us in getting rid of our sugar addiction and change delusive paradigms of unhealthy lifestyles and non-sustainable diets. The 4x4Diet’s methodology is a systemic, principle-based lifestyle management solution in the form of a 4 week online Lifestyle improvement programme and eating plan, designed to promote a positive lifestyle and offer realistic solutions to sugar addiction.


Why is it that we suddenly all know of someone suffering from non-communicable metabolic diseases such as Childhood Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Sugar Addiction, Gout, Diabetes Type 2, Cancer and more? The underlying cause: Sugar Addiction and processed carbohydrate cravings. The 4x4Diet addresses the optimisation of metabolic health, which is the functioning of every cell in the human body. Proper cell function produces proper endocrine function, which produces homeostasis and metabolic health. We GROW your skills on how to cope with the change process to sustain a healthy nutritional approach to fat burning and hormonal balancing based on a full understanding of the biochemical process that in the first place prevents and also reverses metabolic risk factors….

Which return of investment is our benchmark? A healthy bank balance or a healthy workforce? The 4×4 Diet Lifestyle Booster is a Wellness programme founded on 4 Vital Pillars KNOW, GROW, SHOW and GO and treats all risk factors at their root through the 16 Principles of Lifestyle Management based on ground-breaking research and aligned to WHO Nutritional Guidelines and Namibia’s NDP4 Goals. The 4x4Diet main focus is top management commitment and employee participation, the return of your investment is knowledge, wellness, productivity and health. Book your corporate counselling sessions at 081-7040 499.

But How? For most of us the idea of losing weight permanently is based on wishful thinking. Either we don’t know what to do, or if we know, we don’t do it properly! Yes, on the 4x4Diet nutritional plan we lose weight. Lots of it, if we need to! FOR GOOD. That’s because weight loss is not one of our 16 Lead Goals. As a Lag Goal, however, it is a significant visible marker and reward to all participants. No more excuses. Let’s Go!…Book your personalised counselling sessions at 081-7040 499


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