Mothers: Read Baby-Food Labels

Mothers: Read Baby-Food Labels


Please look at the labels and read what you are feeding your child first:

Novalac= 70% lactose + 30% maltodextrose = 100% sugar!!!!!

NAN has 58.7% fructose = almost 60% non-nutritional sugar… this is NOT food this is a dangerous chemical, no wonder our children have cramps and reflux when consuming these products…

It is always always essential to consult your  paediatricians for checking certain intolerances. However, what I am advocating in this instance though: we need to learn to read your baby milk formula labels thoroughly.

We would not give our child water, tea or anything else filled with 60% or more sugar, would we? So why do we do it with milk formula.

Whether sugar is hidden under the guise of lactose, maltodextrose, fructose, corn-syrup or any of the other 50 plus names, it is still sugar . For instance, there is no biological process the body that needs fructose, one half of the sugar molecule. Yet some formula has 60%. Why? It is cheap, makes money and mothers are happy if they have a chubby baby.

Yet fructose (and other sugars) is one of the most significant contributors of the whole spectrum of metabolic diseases and non-communicable diseases. That includes gerd, and reflux , heartburn, bloated stomach etc. I would not drink any of the milk formula myself, let alone serve it to my infant but I know that it is the most convenient for most working parents. I am here to help young parents who suffer and do not know why. I can only hope that my comments here will alert you to the fact that the formula we are feeding our children out of tins is not healthy, even if we like to believe it.

Please consult your paediatrician for healthy alternatives to breastmilk. In Windhoek, Namibia we even have registered dietitian with a Special Interest in Breastfeeding Support. Hope this helps… 

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