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3900 km across the Pacific from California to Hawaii in a Rowing Boat in the fight against sugar.

We are not involved in this project but we fully support the Fat Chance Row initiative. Please click on this link and follow the progress of these two incredible athletes:

Here is some info from their facebook page:



To test marriage, break records & fight against sugar, we (Meredith and Sami) are rowing unsupported from San Francisco to Hawaii, 2400+ miles. Launch date June 2014


More people have been to the outer space and top of Mt. Everest than have rowed an ocean. Sami and Meredith – the Fat Chance Row – will have to row 2400+ miles from San Francisco to Hawaii, completely unsupported. They will carry all their food and equipment in their 20ft rowing boat, which is equipped with solar panels to power safety, navigation and water making equipment.

Sami and Meredith will row as part of the inaugural Great Pacific Race rowing race, starting in June 2014. Team Fat Chance is the only American team in the race.
They will hope to break the following records: fastest pair and mixed pair to row across Pacific, first couple to row from California to Hawaii – and, of course, the first Finnish person to row an Ocean. (Those Finns!?)

Say no to sugar – The boat will have zero sugar or processed carbs on board.
Fat Chance row is also an effort to raise awareness against our silent killer, sugar. As such, Sami and Meredith will power through 2400+ miles fueling themselves primarily with fat and protein based whole foods with no sugar and very limited carbohydrates, while rowing 24×7 for about two months, burning more than 8000kcal per day!

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