Awareness and knowing what is happening is key to determining the intent of your dietary goal setting.

The 4x4Diet transfers scientific knowledge and skills for us to take personal accountability through informed choices. Sorry, no pill, no shake, no injection!

Pure Knowledge. Answering 4 critical questions:

  • What is Positive Lifestyle Behaviour?
  • Why are we continuously gaining weight?
  • Which lifestyle change promotes metabolic wellness?
  • How can we sustain healthy weight-loss? The 4x4Diet Lifestyle Management Plan benefits all of us.

Public health authorities and highly profitable diet schemes have been hammering home a very simple message for the past 40 years: If you don’t want to be fat, cut the fat from your diet. And since then the number of obese or overweight people in the developing world nearly quadrupled from 250 million to 904 million between 1980 and 2008, according to a study published in January 2014 by a UK think tank.

Over the same period obesity rates in high-income countries increased by 1.7 times. One third of all adults worldwide—1.46 billion people—are now overweight or obese, says the report from the Overseas Development Institute.


  1. We know now that it can not be the dietary fat that makes us fat.
  2. We also know that exercising does not burn enough body fat to make us slender. Otherwise all fitness gym members would be slim in 6months, but they are not.
  3. Mainstream diets and pharmaceutical pills and shakes also do not work either, otherwise we would all lose weight and stay slim. This is because all major mainstream diets are subject to industrial and commercial interests that drive profits through product sales more than they embrace care and real, lasting weight-loss solutions.
  4. We Know that a calorie is not a calorie. 100g of fructose syrup does not have the same nutritional value as 100g of spinach or 100g of grilled lamb rib.
  5. What the mainstream schemes tell people to do to lose weight— eat less and exercise—is exactly what one would do if you wanted to make yourself hungry.

The reason is that refined carbohydrates raise your insulin levels. Scientists have known since the early 1960s that insulin is the primary hormone that regulates your fat tissue. This is not controversial—if you go to an endocrinology textbook and look up what makes a fat cell fat, it’ll tell you all the ways insulin does it. Then you look up obesity, and it’ll say people get fat because they eat too much and exercise too little.

There is a complete disconnect between the fundamental science and the public perception on the cause of human obesity.

The 4x4Diet has a simple alternative hypothesis, which does not focus on the idea that you store fat because you are overeating. Rather, you overeat because you have developed a disorder in the way your fat storage and fat burning is regulated.

This disorder is sugar addiction. Preventing and treating this  disorder is at the core of the 4x4Diet.

The craving for sugared foods can be like a drug addict craving a fix. There is an uncontrollable desire for

Metabolic Diseases

something sweet. Sugar addiction is perhaps the most insidious because the substance is so cheap, so available and so universally regarded as a safe sweet treat or reward. Statistical evidence paints a more bitter reality: sugar addiction leads to weight problems and obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, and a host more Non-Communicable Diseases(NCDs)

Fortunately in most cases these diseases can be prevented and reversed and the 4x4Diet is at the forefront of driving this initiative.

We are claiming back the name and concept ‘DIET’ from mainstream food industry and deceptive dieting schemes and return it its rightful owners, the people.

We are re-programming  the mind set on what dieting should mean to the ordinary person. At its most fundamental, a diet is: the kinds of food that a person, or community habitually eats. This is why we call the 4x4Diet a diet.

In Namibia, over-weight and obesity rates, both in children and adults have sky-rocketed in the last 40 years with alarming associated risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and many more health problems.

The 4x4Diet  addresses all the above at the core, because our research shows us that there is an enormous gap between what we know from science and what we practice in reality. Therefore, 4x4Diet interventions do not rely solely on individual mindset change, but instead holistically integrate nutritional environmental and community-wide solutions.

The 4x4Diet  offers a comprehensive new way of looking at nutrition, health, dieting and Fat-loss management, not as disconnected stages unrelated to each other, but as an integrated continuum across time.

This approach suggests that a complex interplay of biological, behavioural, psychological, social, and environmental factors contribute to dieting and health outcomes across the course of a person’s life.

The 4x4Diet  builds on latest nutritional science and public health literature that posits that each life stage influences the next and that social, economic, and physical environments interacting across the life course have a profound impact on individual and community health.

Book a 4 hour life changing seminar and learn:

  1. What makes me  fat and what can I do about it today?
  2. Why is fat healthy and sugar toxic?
  3. Which nutritional skills do I need to change my eating habits?.
  4. How can I ensure long term fat-loss and wellness?  

Myths.jpg 800To ensure that you keep motivated and receive the benefit of life-long access to the 4×4 Life Diet Community plus the latest on nutritional research relevant to Africa, you need to join the 4x4Life Diet Online Learning Portal.

The knowledge gained in the Seminars will be intensified and applied in 4 educationally sound online modules produced by our team of  Namibian e-Learning experts. Online courses start every 1st of the month and you can join anytime. And by the way, this diet is the real thing for men too…

We are not overly concerned about how you look like, or  what your shape is. We are, however, seriously concerned about shaping up your and our nations health. Of course, the resultant outcome of participating in the 4x4Life Diet will also include a new look and a great shape, but that is only half the story.

The most compelling question to be answered at this point is :

What is the 4x4Diet all about? 

We want to answer that question by  raising your awareness through four more questions:

  1. What is happening to me?
  2. Why is this happening to me?
  3. Which lessons need I learn from that?
  4. How can I plough that information back into a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle?

The 4x4Diet is aims at informing you about the myths that have prevailed in our minds for decades and shaping you up with solutions that deliver sustainable results. More info from:

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