Jens Schneider: The Story

Sugar: Convenient, Tasty and Deadly Addictive:


Jens is CEO and a founder of the 4x4Diet


Without realising it, I was a sugar addict  and processed carbohydrate junkie for most of my life. Then I found myself in Intensive Care  for 3 days at a local Windhoek Hospital in June 2011 with a scary atrial fibrillation ( I needed three Electrical Cardioversion procedures to get my heart rhythm beating normally again).

I began to research the origin of the disease and came to some astounding facts about nutrition related patterns in Non Communicable Diseases and the deadly impact of  bingeing and food addiction on our health. Within several months  of nutritional and lifestyle change my health was completely restored and a significant reduction in body fat (-13kg !) achieved. I now (October 2015) weight the same as I did when I was 30 years old and I consider myself  at least as fit as then. (and the same in June 2017!!)

I stumbled upon YouTube video lecture of endocrinologist Dr Robert Lustig from 2009  called Sugar: The Bitter truth watch it here  : ,  and read his book : FAT CHANCE – 2013 and Gary Taubes : THE DIET DELUSION- 2007 , and the lights went on!

To top it all I managed to get hold of a book by British Endocrinologist and Author Prof. John Yudkin published in 1972:Yudkin Pure, White and Deadly. John Yudkin, founder of the nutrition department at the University of London’s Queen Elizabeth College, found that there was a clear correlation between the rise in heart disease and a rise in the consumption of sugar. Rodents, chickens, rabbits, pigs and students fed sugar and carbohydrates, he said, invariably showed raised blood levels of triglycerides (a technical term for fat), which was then, as now, considered a risk factor for heart disease. Sugar also raised insulin levels, linking it directly to type 2 diabetes. But this insight only reached us in 2011-2012!!!

Upon further research and insight I documented my research in the 4x4Diet which was officially launched in July 2012 with the intent to boost Namibia to become the healthiest nation on Earth and to assist others to base their personal change management on self-leadership principles . I hope to assist other sufferers in understanding the reason why we become obese at such an unprecedented rate and to identify the underlying cause of the large variety of related illnesses .

The driving force behind the 4x4Diet Lifestyle Change concept is to motivate  others to heal the physical and emotional roots of food addiction, with a academically founded fat-loss and lifestyle diet. The supporting 4x4Diet is ground-breaking in that it is the first lifestyle diet to combat sugar addiction by using the blended and connected learning approach, a combination of face-to-face workshops  and didactically sound online learning modules with continuous, interactive motivational coaching and support. Book your personalised counselling sessions at 081-7040 499  or mail me at :

Health and Fitness Background

As most Namibians might know, I am not a newcomer to the Health and Fitness Sector.

I qualified as a fitness instructor in Heidelberg, Germany in 2001. For more than 10 years now, I have been a  Group Fitness Instructor (GTI) at the Virgin Active Club in Windhoek. On a weekly basis I offer TaeBo,Pure-Pump, Boot-Camp, Body-Conditioning and Shape classes.

I introduced Tae-Bo to Namibia on my return from Germany where I was trained as fitness instructor and worked as Group Training Instructor  at the Move Fitness Club and the STZ (Sport Therapeutisches Zentrum) in Heidelberg from 2001 to 2004.

Health and fitness has always been part of my life. Since 1987,  I trained in Goju-Ryu Karate, a traditional Japanese style for which I was awarded a black-belt degree.

My youth was filled with sailing competitions held at the Kalahari Yacht Club in Namibia and the Walvis Bay Yacht Club at the coast. As a student I played and refereed underwater-hockey competitions for RAU (now UJ) and was part of the university diving and spear-fishing club. Whilst living in Durban the passion for surfing was ignited which led to competitively part-taking in international wave-ski championships through the Namibia Surfing Association.

Professional Background

I am the owner  and founder of AeLSNet (Africa eLearning Service Network), an online new media learning resource centre. I consider myself a 21st Century Entrepreneur : New Media Learning expert, eCommerce and  eLearning Developer and Leadership in Management Facilitator, in addition to being a  website and e-course designer, public speaker and training coach, facilitator in eLearning and Organisational Development.


AeLSNet- Africa eLearning Service Network

I developed and implemented a broad range of e-training and eLearning The Diet Delusiondevelopment projects for the educational sector, various government ministries and the corporate sector throughout Africa and specialise in good governance , public administration, network building, eLearning centre establishment, e-strategy and policy development, eLearning capacity building, website design and LMS administration, online course authoring and implementation.

In addition, I am a Communication Science graduate from RAU/UJ and UNISA as well as the Public Administration Senior Management (SMDP) from NIPAM and Stellenbosch University School of Public Leadership.

As an InWEnt/GIZ trained moderator, I facilitate organisational development, eLearning network and strategy development workshops in Namibia, Angola, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Ghana, Manila, Philippines, Georgia-Caucasus, as well as presenting on new media integration and eLearning topics at international conferences throughout Africa and Europe.

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