How Much?


If pills and shakes and injections and things worked we would not be here. The 4x4Diet works because our focus is on the core: Eliminate the obvious and add the meaningful, in other words Sustainable Lifestyle Management.

From a health point of view,  the 4x4Diet Lifestyle Management Plan is a sound investment with fruitful returns in dietary knowledge, health, quality of life and the future of our children. For  immediate assistance phone Jens :        081 279 7769

To participate in this life-changing experience your investment is a “once-off” only and  access or repeating the online course can be done as often as desired

  • Group Session: 4x4Diet Workplace Wellness Plan: N$850 (U$80) per person if group has a minimum 25 participants. This includes a face-2-face seminar as well as online coaching. This fee can further be incentivised for staff members by employers of larger organisations.
  • Group Seminars: 4x4Diet: The 16 Principles of a Healthy Lifestyle Management:
  • 4hr  Group (min 10 persons) Seminar only:      N$ 650 per person   (U$ 65).
  • Both Seminar + Online: N$ 1250 per person (U$ 130).
    • If two parents both enroll for the seminar plus online modules  together: N$ 1650 for both (U$165) .
    •  Their children 17 yrs old and under attend for free.
  • Online modules only:     N$ 950 per person   (U$ 95).
  • 4x4Diet Brilliant Student:  Registered Uni and School students : N$ 450 (U$45) per student.
  • Private one-on-one ConsultationN$ 850 (U$85) per hour
  • Consultation inclusive of  ePortal access: N$ 1350 (U$130)
    • If two parents both enroll for consultation and  the online modules  together: N$ 1650 for both (U$165) .
    •  Their children 17 yrs old and under attend for free.

Note: Online sessions start on the 1st of each month and last for 4 weeks or less, depending on your time. The Namibian Dollar (N$) value is the same as the South African Rand (ZAR).

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