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800Top reasons for the 4x4Diet Blog

Your diet plan is not working, right? You joined the local gym to lose weight, but you are gaining, right? You are sick and tired of being sick and tired, right? The 4x4Diet was developed in Namibia to help people achive their healthy lifestyle goals and prevent the biggest health threats mankind has ever faced, by exposing: 1. the shocking reasons why childhood obesity and non-communicable diseases are threatening our future 2. the reason why mainstream diets do not work and meal plans are designed for profit and not for weight-loss, 3. the misconception that joining a fitness gym provides sustainable weight loss 4. the 40 years of systematic untruths by the food and sugar giants and how our blind trust in the food industry will only support massive industrial profits at the expense of our health.

We need to re-educate everyone rapidly and at scale. Therefore we opted for the new technology and developed a solid, no-nonsense online educational diet programme. We researched all the evidence, and deliver a knowledge based lifestyle solution for everyone.We also claim back the name “diet” from the industry and restore its name and place among the true owners, the people.

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