What is 4x4Diet ?


FB PillarsThe 4x4Diet was launched in July 2012 and is  the easiest diet on this planet . We do not promise any quick fix. There is no magic pill, no secret shake. Just the latest scientific facts based on ground-breaking research brought to the point and aligned to WHO Nutritional Guidelines and NDP4 Goals.

We should ask the question: Why, in a society more diet and health aware has obesity become an epidemic. Why has the rate of diabetes in Namibia increased?

For almost half a century we have been told that saturated fat is bad, that obesity is caused by overeating. That a healthy diet, by definition, is a low-fat diet. Bad science and delusion have kept the truth about food hidden for years.

Nutrition and lifestyle changes should be priorities for every individual in our country, not only because cancer, heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes are growing, but because they are now appearing earlier in life and threatening to affect children.

  • The 4x4Diet looks at what actually happens in your body when you eat. The diet teaches you and your family about nutrition. This knowledge is intended to guide you to further eating enjoyment, while overcoming the seduction of the “fake” food we are surrounded by almost all the time, which creates illness and unnecessary suffering. We say NO to chemically processed, simple carbohydrates, as in sugar and highly refined flour.
  • The 4x4Diet is knowledge that every person can utilize daily to guide them to the most healthful and happiest life possible. It looks at what a healthy diet is and confronts the great sugar lie. Refined white sugar is not nutrition. It is a poison.
  • The 4x4Diet is for all who want to enjoy good health. 4x4Life supporters are joining an active community of like-minded people. As a member you will gain supportive services and a worldwide community of online members and friends. You will have the knowledge and tools to ensure your quest for health.
  • The 4x4Diet online members will become nutritionally informed. As members of a growing Community of Practice, they will communicate with others, share success stories, and access all the tutorials and newsletters available. Members will learn and share how to prepare delicious and healthful meals.
  • The 4x4Diet, fat loss online program help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight and keep it off. The fat-loss program focuses on nutrient density. When the ratio of nutrients to calories is high, the fat burns away, and health is restored. Our fat loss program focuses on overcoming sugar addiction.
  • The 4x4Diet, fat-loss online program also focuses on how your mind works Motivation1and how you can control the way you think, to achieve your weight loss goal. The barriers to happiness and success quickly disappear once you gain a clear picture of yourself and your attitudes, abilities, potential and goal-setting skills. The fat loss program teaches you how to make fat loss happen through the key 4×4 Drivers: WANT, NEED, LEAD and SUCCEED measured against 4 Perspectives: ME, WE, FOOD and LIFE.

As we focus on the good in food, we will also focus on the bad in food, and how really bad the bad in food is hidden. More info from : jens@4x4diet.com

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