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You may have been to the gym for months on an intense workout plan and a conventional so called “lifestyle change” eating plan…and still no lasting results. What are we missing?

The 4x4Diet  Life Course is founded on  4 Vital Driving Pillars:KNOW, GROW, SHOW, and GO which are measured across 4 Balancing Perspectives:  MIND, NUTRITION, ENVIRONMENT,and HEALTH.
The unique feature of this diet is the 4×4 Diet ePortal , and online eLearning Centre designed to transfer information about latest research in fat-loss science, with modules that deal with managing and maintaining those great changes, an online exchange forum and a support community making the 4x4Diet a life course change with guaranteed success for individual needs or the whole family.
Losing fat is not the same as losing weight !! Therefore the 4x4Life Diet is evidence based, applying the latest nutritional research. There are no shakes to buy, no chemicals to swallow and  there is no magic pill, only real nutrition, real results!

The 4x4Life Diet will, however, teach you everything about why we are overweight and how to achieve sustainable fat-loss results by managing your nutrition through pure, good, wholesome food, devoid of risky and even life-threatening toxins.

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